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Aaaand once more the garden is waking up, bit by bit. Another step up in temperature and I think it’s ok for my one forced rhubarb to come out of hiding.

I hope there’s going to be a very special photo project for me the next few months, but more about that later.

Still wrestling my latest wool weaving, but after that cotton will be on the menu.

I finally realized that instead of having to lug my yarn boxes downstairs in the light, to be able to combine them for various projects, I’ll simply bring them from my dark, cramped loom room into my bed. Spread a white sheet all over and make good of that south window. I can do it in my head to a certain extent, but I’m sure I forget items as well as miss good ideas that way. Hands on.

So today for starters I folded ALL the laundry. No baskets on the floor anywhere. Room for yarn boxes. And breathing.