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Well, I singlehandedly (why am I so stubbornly insisting on wrecking myself?) dismembered our couch, flipped the two sides again since we haven’t yet found a new one with two short ends, and rearranged things to accomodate the tapestry loom, which was rendered useless in the loom room after the beast moved in. My painting station is now a bit less attractive than before, but since the living room is my stoodio more than anything else, it’ll never be pretty anyway. Mind you, before I started attempting to paint again, and spinning, only the dogs ever used the room and the sofa.


It took me all day and all I did the rest of the week was moan; but now the Gobelin is warped with 6 meters of practice warp, just ready to go when I feel like trying out a technique I’ve seen or some weird idea of my own. I already learned a ton from the process, which parts of the manual not to skip, how to tie leashes and subsequently that the leash yarn already on the loom is simply too thick for the job, and, as I already knew but tried to ignore, 12/9 seine twine is also too thick for warp at a 3epcm sett with the yarns I want to use. I can cut off and resett later if I get too annoyed. It probably would have been great for leashes! But now I’m out of stock. 😉

Whether I’ll get into it more than last year’s attempt or find out that my heart is with the more functional fabric weaving really doesn’t matter much, it’s all process and it’s all good. And I don’t stub my toes as much up in the loom room.


Otherwise, mostly practical, boring things are getting done. And now that spring is threatening to catch up with us, I better arrange a couple of garden days soon to get old perennials chopped down and that sort of thing. I haven’t started any seeds or made plans this year either. Perhaps some other time, it’s going to take a lot of PT to get me fit enough. On a positive note, I seem to get fewer crunchy sounds from my back when doing my training!

Hannibal helping me wait for the farrier

Hannibal helping me wait for the farrier

As for that decision, tooth or 2nd warp beam? Well, 2 days later, the washing machine went on the blink. And the car seems to have some unknown vibrational issues….

Other little joys:

It’s becoming the kind of weather that I can put my laundry outside; dry, sunny, although still pretty chilly.

I’ve managed to keep my desk uncluttered for two weeks.

I’ve got some awesome fabric ideas in my head – I just need more yarn… Turning away from woolly thoughts onto SUMMER. Can’t decide how thin it needs to be though.

I’m sortof managing to read a weaving book in German.

Sun and daylight.


And wee flowers.

The ponies are shedding like mad. Oh wait, that’s not so joyful, it’s a lot of work actually. But they do enjoy the extra scritchies.

Ponies waiting patiently for farrier.

My experimental herringbone fabric washed up well enough for me to continue with the series. Stay tuned.

New books. Except the one that got drenched in coffee before even being opened, but that was just the 8 shaft weaving drafts I’ve coveted since last summer… I’m blaming ↓

And now Chico says go for walk. Perhaps that’ll quiet him down, the silence and the cats are scaring him a bit, so he’s been yipping away all morning. He’s nearly too big for the cat bed now!