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bluecowl4One year ago I aquired my first rigid heddle loom. Just to sate my curiosity, much like 3 years earlier when I made my own drop spindle to investigate whether one could really make yarn on a stick. Nothing serious like, just testing, yeah? And although I upgraded the stick to a spinning wheel three months later, I was pretty certain this loom would last me for a long time, getting my variation from colour play mostly. After all, I do still have the same and only wheel with no wish to upgrade, it does what I want.

rainbow_warp4Well, one year later, as already described in this post, despite being quite ill most of the time, I now own 2 rigid heddle looms, 1 big Glimåkra tapestry loom, a small 4 shaft Lervad countermarch AND the latest addition a Glimåkra 120 cm 10 shaft CM Standard. Yes, the huge M*F* Swedish floor loom that I swore I’d never wish for even if I lived in a palace… Nono, smart and compact, that’s me. Hobbit tools for hobbit peoples. (actually it’s not as huge as I expected after seeing a couple of real beasts out there)

after 2 washes and a tumble drier

The question has been, do I pretend I’m going to get really well “in a minute” or accept forever limitations and a harsh cut in number of interests? I waver, but you can see where I’m leaning… I keep saying to myself I can work with what I have, but still I’m driven onwards, what is it with that?!

I also know I said my itch was scratched only a week ago, and it was, but ONEHUNDREDANDFIFTY US DOLLARS for a piece of equipment that costs $3000 new. With extra doodads thrown in worth more than that in itself. That’s 1000 DKkr, € 135 or £ 100. Included small warping mill, spool rack, yarn, 19 weaving books, shuttles, 9 reeds (in not so good condition, but I’ll try to clean them). If I sold all this next month in parts I’d come out ahead, even having to buy all the new strings required to tie it up and weave, so it hardly matters if I find out I can’t use it. Except of course I’ll have spent quite a few “spoons” in the process!

saori14So essentially we got rid of the sofabed. As in, put it in the old train carriage out back for now. Nobody wants to sleep at our house anyway! So if I want to sit comfortably and ponder my next move I’ll now have to go downstairs or to bed, because there’s only crawl space left in the loom room.

I’d still have preferred the Ideal, which is the compact version of the Standard, 20 cm narrower and 60 cm shorter as well as a bit lower. Ideally I’d love a Louët 12 shaft Spring, but they cost as much as a small horse. And can’t be disassembled in 15 minutes and stored under your bed if need be. I also didn’t mind waiting for the Ideal to come up for sale, but… you can’t beat a good price.

And this loom can stand up to any kind of tension and project. That beater can pack a massive punch compared to the Lervad!

Won’t be using the extra 30 cm of weaving width though, my reach isn’t far enough and leaning repeatedly from side to side would be murder. And I’ve deliberately overrlooked any books and patterns on 8 shafts as well as I could, so now I get to dig up new info all over again!

I’m also beginning to think it doesn’t matter how I spend my days. When I’m gone it makes no difference whether I made meaning or not, being sensible or useful. If there is a purpose it’s not being revealed, so – not my monkey.

I’m done loom shopping now, for realz.


Getting ready to assemble – which took me less than 10 minutes to get the whole loom up with minimal 2nd person assistance! (pics coming soon) Getting it upstairs took its toll, but that’s just the one time, right?