Well it looks like my plan to do some photoshopping has come to naught before it even got started…

Today as I went to sit at my computer, having used it all morning, I got an inactive monitor and locked keyboard. Check all connections, reboot. Not a sound from the machine apart from the power fan, no beeps, no harddrive activity, no monitor activation…

I just had more RAM and a better Windows installed a few months ago to avoid Photoshop crashing. Now I think my motherboard has probably died. There’s still the option of the graphics card being loose in the socket, but why?

So I have this old laptop, but even if it was strong enough to run my programs and could be connected to a proper monitor, you can’t just reinstall your Adobe software. Nono, it has to be deactivated on the old computer to be reactivated on another! And we all know how easy it is to get that kind of problem solved with a big company only interested in selling their latest version regardless of those who recently spent big bucks on the previous. (because I really can’t be having with that cloud thing) In any case all my passwords reside on my dead computer… (while I think the drives are probably ok, I can’t really see them!)

I guess I’ll have to come up with something really clever to say in the future, to compensate for the lack of photos, or I’ll just have to shut up for a while. Of course there’s mobile phone, *sneering*, and Instagram.

Such a shame just when I don’t have the physical energy to work on anything crafty, I could have put a serious dent in my spinning fibers otherwise! Life in a nutshell. 😉

In the meantime I’m trying very hard to remember some of the 5000 books I’ve read over the past few years for adding to Goodreads. I should have kept my receipts from the library, I KNOW I’m incapable of remembering names and titles until next time I see them. And yet I keep believing that I can. What I’m really good at is throwing out paper clutter, so no help there.

Of course there’s the off chance that G comes home, stares hard at my computer and it sputters back to life just because it’s him. But I actually doubt it. I dare it!