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I’ve long been waiting to do some overexposed snow photos, but when we finally had two whole days of the stuff, the flesh just wasn’t willing and with that goes my creativity. The costochondritis aspires to yet higher levels of pain whenever I think I can move around like any other person. Or just out of spite even when I don’t.

Nevertheless, I did promise you a wind free video and this is how long it took me to have another go, so my technical skills haven’t exactly improved yet. 😉 It’s not very interesting, but I felt that just photos were lacking that delightful squeak and crunch of frosty new snow.

At some point I think it might be fun to plan ahead a bit more, look for the good angles, use a tripod and get the strap out of the way of the display, do a bit of cutting and mixing.

We’re back to grey, drizzles and mud, so it’s not much of a chore staying inside doing nothing (well I’d prefer to do something, but as I said, I’m no longer in charge!) Quite possibly I’ll have a look at all my old stuff and do something silly in Photoshop if I can muster the spirit. 🙂 A bit of weaving has happened, but I’m not going to talk about that today.