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First blanket off the floor loom. I finished this about 6 weeks ago, but haven’t had a lot to say about it, also didn’t take a final shot. I totally suck at product photography, I just can’t find the right locations or props. But anyway, here it is, out of my hair and my draft list.

Yarn didn’t full at all, which leaves the mid seam really visible. Of course I need to improve my hand sewing, but still. Also, it’s much thinner than I was led to believe it would be – not what I had in mind. So I’m looking for much heavier yarns for future blankets (apart from the one I already wound the warp for ages ago from ugly sock yarn)

I am however pleased that I changed my mind about using the plant dyed yarns and went for the green weft instead – I have a new project waiting for those colourful bobbins.

It’s been a while since I’ve touched the loom at all, I hope to gain some go eventually.

Data: yarn 6/2 wool, sett 60/10 (15 epi). The basket weave is a bit looser in structure than the twill, which I find quite interesting, worth noting for later.

On a different note, I’ve had problems loading the blog for the last 3-4 days, anyone else? It appears to be the little icons (gravatars) in particular, but also the galleries look weird and stacked until it’s all done. It’s really annoying since it blocks my menu for reader and dashboard, so I wondered if it was me or everybody. Only website that does this!