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I remember sowing some carrots this summer, but then the dry, hot weather, my back and other issues, my laissez-faire attitude about growing what can grow and not spend too much paid water, simply made me forget because for a long time nothing much happened. And we all know how thistles and such will thrive under any weather conditions, so I’d given up on them.

The other day I was walking along for a completely different purpose and spotted, not a new weed amongst all the wilderness, but carrot tops. Voila, dinner!


Perhaps this is simply to be my way of gardening, scatter a multitude of seeds and collect whatever has the inclination to show up in between the weeds. We’ll see how life and my back evolves over time. So it would be wonderful and gratifying and very eco friendly (see the halo?) to be self-sufficient, but if real life such as your body tells you to stuff it, sometimes you simply have to give in and try to accept that you are not Superwoman. That you’re not creating a simple life if you fight it every step of the way. Some day I may actually learn to practice that statement.

So perhaps I should let those do it who can and are good at it, and instead put my effort into finding the wayside little booths of homegrown produce. Certainly not convenient if you never really go anywhere much, but otoh buying tomatoes from Spain and apples from New Zealand feels not like giving in but giving up.

It’s a strange thing being the only one around who cares. But how can I pretend that I don’t?