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So, is summer generally a slow time for blog reading and/or writing? Is everyone outside, bored, hot, “undefinably passive”? It seems everybody is off to pursue their offline activities instead which probably is quite healthy. Unless they’ve moved on to Twitter, she sneered. I tried and I don’t get it. There’s just no way I can sit here that much just to catch one-liners and promotion. It seems if you leave for a few hours you miss all the action.

I do enjoy my online crafting club here in Blogland, I have plenty to talk to you about, but can’t seem to finish up any of the topics. Ok, lots of mishaps around there too (some of which I’ll let you in on), prolonging the process. I think they’re a sign that I should slow down even more – I feel scattered somehow. (and I’m sure Twitter would support that condition indefinitely)


I’m getting bored with the lack of conversation, though. Frustrated is too strong a word, after all I’ve got plenty of stuff I can do, and I do. I can go look for new blogs naturally, but there’s something cosy about having a crowd of regulars, however small, and go visit each other during the week. Don’t you think? But it seems everybody else is also on a summer break!


I haven’t been at it long enough to know if this is an ordinary seasonal slump, so I thought I’d ask. The media is full of horror stories about how nobody can go on holiday, shopping or to the loo without at least their smartphone online and ready to tweet it. So it can’t be just a case of “everyone is outside”.


How do you like to be entertained in the summer season? What would you like to see here, that would make you click your keyboard?

In July I hope to cover topics such as OLAD, a teeny bit of ecoprinting, various processes from idea to cloth to finished item (or not, as it were, mumblegrumble), and I really, really hope to get that painting flowing again, as in that same old “get out of the web of chores that has me running around and then too exhausted”. I think I know what I want to work on next, as a theme, after I’ve murdered those last 4 weather wips. It requires me to be un-scattered however, to find the stories hidden in the backgrounds so to speak. I’d like to do some little online photo exhibitions, but that probably is a thing to save for the shorter days, although they’re great for entertainment because people don’t have to read. 😉

At least it’s been so dry that none of my seeds have come to anything, so I’ve given up on the serious weeding and gardening, which is a huge relief. My back has been killing me – not just the usual muscle tensions, my spine has really been shouting at me in one of my injured spots. It’s not been warm enough to just lounge about in the hammock though, jeans, layers and long sleeves for me most of the time. But it could be worse, we could be having a heatwave! I don’t do well at 30° C.

What does your perfect summer look like?


Disclaimer: No beasties were hurt in the making of this blog post.