digitalisBack in the game here, just need to install a few things to be back to normal – or better than, hopefully. It’s amazing that I got so far, because everything else I’ve touched lately has failed miserably, the elderflower cordial, the weaving with my most expensive yarn, my cooking, dyeing, you name it.

For the rest of the day I’ll attempt to clear both my desk and the work table, how hard can that be? Unless I have to remove the contact lens that’s making my right eye sting! 😉

If all else fails I can swat flies, they must be breeding like maniacs this summer, drives me bonkers and corpses everywhere.

So anyway, haven’t installed my fancy, lovely plugins yet, but it seems there will be more Photoshop happening finally, with 64 bits and a fresh start.

Hope everybody is having a lovely weekend! 🐻