Somebody asked me why I don’t knit socks. The answer is same as why I don’t make my own underwear: I don’t have to. With my crafting time so precious, my knitting so slow and all the crazy childrens’ socks I can get in a bundle for a few bucks, it’s just not important to me. Besides, they’d probably itch. Possibly it also has to do with having to make two of the same…? (btw I do draw the line at spiderman socks)


So tell me, why DO you, or not, knit socks? They’re rarely seen outside the house (unless they’re drying) and not something you notice as much as a nice sweater for instance.

I was going to make a post about how much fun I’m having with painting lately, but then I began to rush to have something to show you and suddenly I was struggling again. I wouldn’t say that I’m on a roll yet, just one day off can block the way forward, but it’s definitely very close to the feeling of flow as I know it, verging on bubbly. When I’m not distracted by sick pets. Gets me every time.