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I’m being followed around the house these days, my every move monitored. Although times like now, right after breakfast, I can hear galloping from the other room and the occasional item crashing to the floor…. I wanted to film their antics, but it’s still dark.

I did manage to finish my sweater dress before they arrived, though, the one that ended up looking like a tent. I’ve even worn it and washed it. It’s still loose fitting, but that was my purpose, so I could wear multiple layers of t-shirts and a thin pullover underneath. But rather more shapely. It ended up a bit longer than intended, but that’s fine.


Emil is helping me block:


And organizing stuff:


Leo is in charge of getting the laundry right.


It’s been 12 years since I last had two kittens together, but I seem to remember they too liked to rearrange my stuff!

All done rearranging my desk