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I’m not seeing any acorn reports people!
Walk in the forest today, there are also no chestnuts this year and hardly any of the Alder catkins I wanted to dye with. I guess those have to be scheduled for 2013…

Colour Cottage

I was planning on dyeing with acorns this fall, we have a big old oak tree on one side of the property. I know it’s way too early to harvest, but as I was walking by the other day I was expecting to be able to see them at least.

  • That’s not too early, is it?
  • Is this a Danish, European, worldwide 2012 phenomenon or just my neck of the woods? Seems that none of the rowan trees in the area are showing much in the berry department either, now that I come to think of it, regardless of variety.
  • So those of you with oak trees around – take a walk and send me a report! Pls and thanku.

I did however on the same walk discover that one of our wild patches suddenly sports quite a few St. John’s Wort. Nearly all finished by now of course, but…

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