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First, swatches of the day:

I did it. Curtains done and up, we have a shady spot again. Get the furniture out and we’ll be ready for a bit of summer…. (please) Yes, yes, I’ll stop moaning about the temperature already.

Next project, which I’m already working on but ran out of velcro, is a set of white (trying to be frugal and using what fabric I’ve got) curtains for the hammock – because of that dead hedge. Technically it was hubby’s birthday present last year, but it’s also my spot to read, make notes, meditate and hang out with the cat. It’s like taking a nap in a row boat! (I imagine)

HannibalAnd yes, I do spend time in the sun, but not while reading unless I’m craving a hangover. And in this windtunnel, sometimes shelter is absolutely necessary to be able to think straight!