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Finally got as far as finishing the bodies of two spring/summer garments, for cool weather since frankly it’s been spring into autumn so far.  😦 What happened to sitting in the garden, in the shade dead hedge (oh wait, the hedge all died, no shade), cool drinks, Ravelry on the laptop, piles of yarn and fiber, solar dyeing in glass jars to my heart’s content?

So anyway, here’s where I’m at and I’m very pleased with Mimi’s ability to help me with shaping a sweater along the way. No more trying to see my own back in a mirror and getting my measurements totally mucked up. I’m quite into getting sweaters that are not tents but not super clingy either, testing various methods to learn.

The orange thing is a cotton/alpaca blend, (Linky in Danish for those not on Ravelry) a bit splitty to work with (loose ply, many threads) but very nice to the touch. I hope the zigzag  of increases and decreases will help it not droop or lose shape. Pattern is by Marianne Isager knit from the top down. I need to either boil-shrink the castoff or do it again, but otherwise I’m quite happy. The blue cardigan is knitted with Wollmeise lace yarn, only 125g to the body! (edge needs a bit of blocking to lose the ruffles).

Both will get half or 3/4 sleeves. Eventually. No, really, I’ll get on it. Maybe the forecast for July is all a fake and this nastiness will continue for all eternity 😉  Tomorrow is forecast lovely temps of 25 C AND strong winds. You just can’t win it seems?! *mutter* I didn’t make the curtains for my pavilion yet (and half our hedge died, remember), another dead hedgeso I guess knitting outside will be a bit of a nuisance.

Maybe I’ll cook up some silly blog posts instead. Beware…