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What exactly is the Colour Cottage? Well, it’s what I do AND where I live. Seeing and playing with colour gives me a kick, doesn’t matter if it’s photography, computer graphics or making a salad, as long as I get to be creative and use colour.

My latest passion however is dyeing yarn and fiber for spinning, so this is probably going to be the main topic of my blog. I don’t claim to be any kind of expert on the matter, but I’d like to share what I learn along the way, and yes, you can try this at home! A workshop area or a kitchen slightly larger than mine is however preferable. 😀 Messy doesn’t quite describe the process, and I’m lucky that our kitchen counter was old and ugly from the get go.

I also have too many ideas for colour combos than I can possibly ever spin for myself, so I’ve been entertaining the notion of offering a few braids for sale, just to get the ideas out of my head (gotta have room for more, you know!)

If you’d like to get started without me, here’s a couple of resources for you.

Dyeing in the kitchen DVD from Interweave Press

Wild Colour (book) by Jenny Dean

Chelidonium majus - Greater Celandine - Svaleurt

Chelidonium majus – Greater Celandine – Svaleurt
Dye plant growing in my garden

Chelidonium majus - Greater Celandine - Svaleurt

What your hands look like after picking leaves for the dye pot.